Big White Girl’s FIGHT Big booty Black Girl’s Naked in the Street@W All star Weekend in Hollywood CA

White girl’s leave the W hotel well after bar close with there shoe’s having been stolen from the after party they left…only to find a group of black girls having been the ones to have there shoes waiting outside to fight them and use the very shoes against them in a all out Allstar weekend Brawl. Enjoy

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25 Responses to Big White Girl’s FIGHT Big booty Black Girl’s Naked in the Street@W All star Weekend in Hollywood CA

  1. AlexisN09 says:

    oakland hoes are a mess smh

  2. crazybaby18nora says:

    krass die sich die huren schlagen aber die fetten huren hahaha

  3. caballero9044 says:

    Lol my brother in law was there when this happened

  4. fdtwinkletoes says:

    They must have been listenin to some serious WAKA WAKA WAKAAAA BRIIIIIICK SQUAAAAAAAAAAD

  5. noimsayin says:


  6. GDubs13 says:

    Thongs and fake hair all over the streets

  7. ApolloMgmt says:

    More importantly where were the fucking L.A police department??? blame your country not the bystanders dumb ass.

  8. RaiderFunk says:

    I don’t know…this looks really kinda….fake to me…

  9. ApolloMgmt says:

    @ saveahoesickbilly they did break ultimatlely break it up….but why should someone break up a street fight and risk themselve getting hurt…you be the guy to get his ass whooped trying to help>

  10. MrSkeegeedawg says:

    peckerwoods whips niggers/niggas….caucasians beats african-americans…crackers win, jiggaboos lose. now they’re going home to wash those sweaty/musty cunts. dumb bitches. if they were educated at a great school, such as TUSKEGEE UNIV. they would have taken a different aproach to the situation.

  11. lovesickbilly says:

    this is heinous. and who are the tools who just stand around gawking and filming instead of being gentlemen and breaking it up?

  12. CUTELOONIE01 says:

    even though the black girls out numbered the white girls they still felt the need to use a big ass shoe “punk ass bitches” thats why them black girls still were getting fucked up

  13. dutico says:

    Why did the black girls take the shoes in the first place??? That is what I don’t understand

  14. AlanColeslaw says:

    when keepin it real goes horribly wrong SMH x LMFAO

  15. katastofe3 says:

    World star is so gonna put this video.

  16. toopritee says:

    Yall nigga’s sound worst than the bitches. Miss me with the lame commentary next time.

  17. sunniedaze says:

    Where do you find this stuff man!? LOL Wow…It’s just sad!!!!

  18. NatezM0mmy2011 says:

    And thts when keepin it real goes horribly wrong lmao.. they all whooped eachother ass… but after tht skinny blk grl tagged tht white bitch one mo gin, she ddnt run up no mo… she was sayin look at her head cause it was all kinds of blood comin from it… i giive them white grls they props tho.

  19. FerrariSorry says:

    I’m glad these dumass bitches lack respect for themselves. These are the same bitches I’m tellin I love just to fuck their fuckin pussy. Then I leave right after and don’t contact them til next time I want booty.

  20. PinkCandyGoddess says:

    I am not gonna front but them white females defintely hold they shit down I can tell they know how to fight if dass the case but all that ass and thongs and shit come on now SMDH

  21. ghettopimpxl says:

    Put this on world star

  22. ghettopimpxl says:

    Good thing her hair still on her hair lol.

  23. PS3BeastMode85 says:

    @1IMABADBITCH too true

  24. Vyson03 says:

    I loved every minute of it!! 5 stars!!

  25. YouNext5757 says:

    nothing butt weave & fat asses in that street 5 stars 2 the farmer daughters they win.

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